Thursday, August 25, 2005

You Didn't Ask But I'm Telling You Anyway

As far as I can recall, I've never put up one of those posts advertising what I'm reading or listening to. Not that I think that's a bad idea; I've actually been inspired by posts like that to (perhaps some day!) read or listen to something that would never otherwise have crossed my path. Rather, sadly, I haven't been reading and listening much lately, and therefore didn't have anything to say. However, thanks to unexpected rainy days this week and corresponding time indoors, I've begun to make up for lost time!
So *drumroll* I know you can't wait to find out what I've read (it seems "cool" to post what you are reading while you are still reading it; sorry, I get too engrossed in the book to be bothered to get on here and tell you about it until it is over!!)

the day before yesterday and

today. This book in particular was amazingly good. Best birthday present this year, thanks CL!! Makes me feel more urgent about wanting to read this.

As far as listening, the other day it was this, which I think I'm just getting started with and which is also thanks to CL.

Today, Koji and I were jumping up and down to this. Good times here in the room, you should come by.

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