Friday, August 26, 2005

Perhaps It's Not Exactly a Word from the Lord

As far as I know, we're still on track for going back to Chicagoland (why is it "Chicagoland" anyway? Who makes these things up? I remember as a child visiting my grandparents in Southern CA wondering where the heck the "Inland Empire" was, because after all, we don't have "empires" in the US, right?) at the end of October. But darn my itchy feet, I can't stop myself from thinking about where we'll move to next (beloved friends in Chicagoland, I apologize; this has nothing to do with a lack of desire to be with you. It's not you, it's me!). How can I think this way, married as I am to the man who should be sub-titled "Least Likely to Move Unless Compelled by Large Sums of Money"?
Answer: I don't know. I'm nuts. I'm a TCK. I lack intellectual challenge. I want to live closer to my parents.
So after I took the following silly internet test, I confirmed our *destiny*, which is definitely for sure, oh, except on the days that I want to move back here to Tokyo, or London, or hey, just skip it all and go straight to Heaven?
I'm on my way to Seattle, baby!


American Cities That Best Fit You:

80% Seattle

70% Denver

65% Austin

65% Portland

60% Las Vegas


Paul said...

I've never been to Austin, but I hear really great things about the Draft House -- the movie palace where you can eat and drink beer while watching flicks.

Man, heaven.

jamie christine said...

hmm, that depends largely on the quality of the eats & brew, don't you think? we were all excited to discover a similar movie palace in my parents' home town in Oregon, but when we went there, knowing we were in for an "older" movie, it wasn't worth it b/c the food was NOT delicious! still, idea-wise, movies + food are a winner combo...don't know that we'll move to Austin for that reason though?!

Stephanie said...

I took this awhile back and scored high on D.C. and Chicago, which is funny since I've lived in both places.

I recently visited Portland (OR) and *loved* it. What an amazing place. I can see myself settling in quite well there, though I also miss my parents, and the Arizona scenery (if not the AZ cities).

I also love St. Paul/Minneapolis.

And that, folks, sums up all of the places I've lived, unless you count six months in Spain.

London has sounded very enticing to me lately. It would be fun to get a job there for a year or two.

Mom said...

Dear TCK, Sounds like you're not alone. :-) Hm. . .maybe I'll take the test. Though getting CL to move would be a trick. Not that I have any desire myself. We can pretty much go anywhere in the US by MC. We're liking that just fine.

I do like your Seattle score!!!! That would be SO great. . .I can dream.

Laurie Ann said...

So, I must admit to taking this little quiz and Jamie, we must at least think a little bit alike because my top 2 were Austin and Denver. Which is actually pretty funny considering I'm quite content in Salem, Oregon.

Mom said...

I also couldn't help but think how high Portland scored! :-)

Julie said...

I took the survey and scored highest for Chicago!! Hooray! Followed closely by Philadelphia, yet another city I've lived in. Unfortunately, on the weather questions, there was no option for "I want to see all four seasons and would much rather have a longer winter that a hot, muggy summer". I still have yet to find a perfect city for me in terms of the weather.

Now Jamie, I must tell you now that although Seattle is a very nice place to visit, we here in Chicago simply will not let you go easily!! Especially when we get to see you again, God willing, in just a few short months!! Can't wait to see you!