Thursday, December 02, 2010

If a Tree Falls in the Forest, No One Hears a Thing

Another mark of the extreme nature of my extroverted (extraverted?  is there a "right" way to spell this word?) is that I often feel things haven't properly happened unless I've experienced them with someone else.  Thus, when I have "incidents" and I'm alone, their status seems debateable.  That is, maybe nothing happened after all, unless I told someone.  Note that I do understand and believe that God is always with me, but I confess here that I don't always get cozy feelings from that reality.

So the flip side: if something embarrassing occurs, bonus, it needn't have as long as I don't make it reality by telling someone....except, I can't help myself.  And I mean, really, I can't help myself.  You'll see what I mean. 

Spent this afternoon jumping ahead of a rare fire under the bum for the cleaning and organizing that I usually can't be bothered with.  Which is why it takes soooo long whenever I do hop to it.  Well, the pleasant end of the run around the house was six bags of stuff for Salvation Army, three for the moms at Izumi's preschool and one more for a friend's house.  Just before I was to pick Izumi and Koji up, I unlocked the van from inside the house and then made several runs to get it all loaded. 

I then ran back into the house, grabbed Misaki and all of our luggage, and ran back out.  And closed the locked door.  Note I did not say "picked up my keys".  Because I didn't.  Pick up my keys.  Feeling ever so relieved and thankful that at the least the van was unlocked, I got Misaki and myself settled in to what I was sure would be our temporary home for the next hour or two.  Then I started making the incident real by calling and reporting; first to the friend who had Izumi, next to the friend that could pick up Koji. 

Finally, I called Aogu and asked him to please hurry home so he could unlock the door.  I explained the entire incident, including why it was so great that at least we could sit in the van.  That's why he said, "Why can't you use the lockbox?". 

Right.  That thing with the key in it that we bought because I am prone to locking myself out of the house. 

Please picture me with a sheepish look on my face.  And please note that I was on time to pick up Koji.