Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Twilight Zone

Here I am, logged in to "Blogger Beta" and ready to get to work breaking my recent silence. I'd love to update you on Izumi turning six months old, our recent trip to Tokyo, etc. BUT Blogger refuses to upload my photos. GRRR!

What a waste! I have all this "free" time courtesy of that guy who followed us back from Tokyo, Jet Lag. He really should be some kind of action figure, because his action has us thoroughly messed up. A typical day's schedule for the last several has us sleeping from 5 p.m. to 11 or midnight, getting up for several hours of fun and feasting (the other night I made some massaman curry and we enjoyed it for "dinner" at 1 a.m.) and then back to bed for varying degrees of success at a second round of sleep.

Aogu's in his first few days of "vacation," though, so I think we're actually enjoying our time in the twilight zone. There's no pressure to conform to any schedule, just sleeping and waking up when we feel like it. Well, let me amend that: there is some pressure for Aogu to get his next job. When you think of us, please pray and/or connect us to opportunities you may know about!