Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spray Park

We went to that park in Glenview, you know the one that's across from that newish outdoor mall and townhouse mixed-use development thingy where there used to be an air base? I was going to just provide a link, but the Glenview Park District website (at least the park section) is a little too confusing for me. Anyway, as you can see, we had a lot of fun!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Yesterday we busted out the kids' new camp chairs and some homemade popsicles. Summer is truly here!

Today we went out to the Japan Festival put on by the Mid-America Japanese Club. I even got Izumi all dressed up, but it wasn't worth it. Well, Aogu might disagree since he finally bought the nunchaku he's wanted for some time. But I say, the Festival was a lot more fun when it was at the Botanic Gardens. Oh well, that's one less thing we have to do next summer!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Late Hour Thoughts

Or can these random firings of my brain even be called "thoughts"?! Hmm...

If you are a Christian and have EVER prayed for anyone out loud in a group, then you must read this. If you laugh so hard that tears come to your eyes, then please leave me a comment so I know I'm not alone. I confess to all of you (which is risky because some of are people I've prayed with/for) that I have totally had some of these thoughts while, but I'm sure I was praying for someone else at the time, not you. Amen.

Next, not nearly as holy but just as hilarious: Business Time. All credit goes to Ian & Ashley for showing this clip to me. But if you should get the song stuck in your head, sorry, I don't know who you should credit that to...

I just found a piece of paper on my desk that's dated about three months ago, which says that when Izumi sneezes she says "bless me". I don't remember her saying that recently, but I take that as a good sign; it means she hasn't been sneezing.

One more thing about Izumi: thanks to lots of pronunciation practice with Papa, she has learned to say "zoo" and she doesn't call herself I'mi anymore. Sniff. My baby is becoming a little girl, and I know it because we had a little tiff this morning over which shoes she was going to wear...

Koji's English and Japanese skills are pretty neck and neck these days, though we experience variances in ability depending on his excitement level and which DVD he's watched most recently: Hermie? or Sazae-san?

So with English, he has a few expressions he's concocted on his own and they keep sticking even if I correct him. The one that comes to mind at the moment is this: "hang off!". That's the opposite of "hang on!," as in, "Izumi, I was playing with that toy first, so hang off!".

Speaking of English and Japanese, when I was at the gym today, I saw an ad for a new reality show that's starting next week called I Survived a Japanese Game Show. It looks really funny, especially since some of the things the contestants have to do look like they are straight out of a real Japanese game show that I was totally addicted to in the late 80s. If only I could remember what it was called...anyway, tune in next Tuesday night and tell me what you think!

A news brief for any parents who live in the Chicagoland (who made that up, putting "land" at the end of an city to try and make the suburbs feel included? I've always thought that a strange phenomena, ever since I was in college in Southern California and used to hang out with my grandparents in "The Inland Empire" ...bonus points if you know where/what that is!): next week is Kids' Restaurant Week. I admit, I'd rather go to these restaurants without kids, but if taking them along means I can have the experience for only $20.08 for me and $5/$2 for them, it seems worth a try. Let me know if you go, or if you want to go with us! I think I want to try Topolobampo...

Last random synapse movement for the evening: my sister's Etsy shop is getting better all the time and I'm super proud of her! If you need/want something more colorful, fun and/or unique for your baby or child or a friend, please look no further. I think this is my favorite item for sale right now. What's yours?


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Piston Cup

Today was the last game for the white team (I always thought their shirts were kind of grey, but what do I know?), Koji's first soccer team. He's had two games most every weekend for the past six weeks or so, and during that time he's really improved. He runs fast, so that gives him an advantage, but running and kicking at the same time takes another level of coordination. Nevertheless, he loved it, and I hope to sign him up for the next round.

Though Koji enjoyed the entire season, this was the highlight: the moment he received his "Piston Cup". That's right, thanks to the influence of Cars, all trophies are piston cups. You may ask if his team was the league champion...I don't think so, it seemed like all the kids got a trophy. Hmm.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Since we were already in the western suburbs and Aogu was out of town, we invited ourselves to spend the night with the Cains last night. That meant this morning was perfect for a visit to the Morton Arboretum.

In case you're wondering about Izumi's super cute outfit, you can always get one for your daughter or other beloved little girl by clicking here!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Locavore for a Day

Our first summer vacation outing with school friends was to Garden Patch Orchard in Homer Glen for strawberry picking. We had to pay five bucks a person just to walk out in the field, and the per pound charge wasn't cheap either. But I still recommend the experience because it's much closer than most other U-pick places. We likely broke even, at least when we consider the gas and time that we saved.

The kids had fun, but it didn't last as long as I had hoped. I wanted to stay out there and get more and more strawberries! Cutting it short and getting over to our friends' house for a lunch time BBQ turned out to be a better move though; the berries didn't keep well, and if we had picked more we might have had to throw some away.