Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to School and Other Training

Koji was ready for his first day back to school. It's always hard to get a report out of him later; in fact, when I ask him how school was, he usually says, "I don't know"...
but the first day obviously didn't use up all of his energy. He had plenty to spare for "getting bad guys" with Rich this evening. They were serious! I'm glad I'm not a bad guy.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Priority Shift

There's not much time left for blogging now that being with Izumi is more fun every day!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sayonara to Summer? Say It Isn't So!

We didn't know it but this was our last trip to the Skokie Water Playground for this summer. Even Izumi was dressed for action! Now it seems that summer is over before it began, at least for us. But we did get our money's worth out of our season pass! Only eight more months till we can get in there on that green slide again...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Unsettled in Catan

As far as I can tell, up until this past weekend I was one of the few remaining in the blissfully ignorant camp of those who still hadn't learned to play Settlers of Catan.

No more, baby.

On our annual vacation with Rich & Jenny*, we finally had time, sans kids, to get through the rules and give the game a try. Aogu even played (collective gasp!). Furthermore, he won! Let's see if his amazing victory spurs him to play again in the next six months. If so, this truly is an addictive game!

Or at least, I know it is for me. How can it not be when I won TWO of the next TWO games we played? If you are looking for people to play with, GET OVER HERE. And if you haven't played yet, COME ON!

*Look for more about our trip in this space, below this entry, sometime later...yep, not only do I back-date, I plan ahead for my back-dating. Move that index finger! Scroll down!...but not yet...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Last Year Was Odd, This Year I'm Even

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear self
Happy Birthday to me (the day before yesterday)

I'm 34 now.
Maybe some other time, when my daughter isn't crying, I can produce deep thoughts about what that means to me.

For now, I'll just show you the cakes I got at Rolf's Patisserie to eat with my son, Ashleigh and Kristen today. It took until today to satisfy my birthday cake craving, but the reason is fodder for another post, which I'll put up before this one since I'm all about chronology. Next time you visit this space, scroll down to make sure you've seen it all!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Amidala Knows How to Throw a Party

Koji was fortunate to be the only three-year-old FON (Friend of Noah) invited to Noah's spectacular Star Wars birthday bash. His good fortune increased when Cheryl Lynn came out dressed as Queen Amidala and took on the project of transforming all the lads present into Jedi warriors.

Watch Amidala in action!

Noah receives his Jedi medal, as fellow Jedi-elect look on and wait to be elevated to Jedi-ness.

In a final triumphant moment, Noah the Jedi conquers his five candles.

No one will fault Amidala if she decides to take next year off. Watch this space in 2008 for news about Noah's seventh birthday party.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Happy Birthday to Ken!
God willing, he's on his way to 40 more years that will be as good or better than the first 40...

Useful Side of Comparing

"Comparing" is generally not a good thing, at least for me. When I allow myself to get into it, I and/or my circumstances almost always come up short, and the internal whining begins.

"She's hipper/richer/thinner/smarter than me" or even more insidious:

"Those kids are more well-behaved than mine, and therefore I am a terrible mother" and
"Look at that couple staring at each other googly-eyed. We don't have time to do that" etc.

The same voice that I make my son stand in the corner for using blares in my head and deafens that other voice called "common sense" or perhaps even "Jesus". That's the one that has grace for me and sees me for just who I am and who I am meant to be, as if I alone were under some kind of divine spotlight, not the light cast by another fragile and failed human being.

What I was getting to before I suddenly started soliloquizing is that it's been pretty hot around here though I think the heat is breaking at this moment under the thunderstorm that I hear. But it's not nearly as bad as Tokyo, and we have a lot more air conditioning.

This is an example of the comparing that is permissible; it helps me and even builds me up, when I put my circumstances in perspective. When you do the same, what do you see?