Thursday, August 03, 2006

Useful Side of Comparing

"Comparing" is generally not a good thing, at least for me. When I allow myself to get into it, I and/or my circumstances almost always come up short, and the internal whining begins.

"She's hipper/richer/thinner/smarter than me" or even more insidious:

"Those kids are more well-behaved than mine, and therefore I am a terrible mother" and
"Look at that couple staring at each other googly-eyed. We don't have time to do that" etc.

The same voice that I make my son stand in the corner for using blares in my head and deafens that other voice called "common sense" or perhaps even "Jesus". That's the one that has grace for me and sees me for just who I am and who I am meant to be, as if I alone were under some kind of divine spotlight, not the light cast by another fragile and failed human being.

What I was getting to before I suddenly started soliloquizing is that it's been pretty hot around here though I think the heat is breaking at this moment under the thunderstorm that I hear. But it's not nearly as bad as Tokyo, and we have a lot more air conditioning.

This is an example of the comparing that is permissible; it helps me and even builds me up, when I put my circumstances in perspective. When you do the same, what do you see?


Brad & Kath said...

My youth pastor in high school said to me once, "Kathleen, if you compare yourself to others you'll never be satisfied."

Wise Sage Ashley Judd was quoted in a recent article as saying, "The cruelest form of self-abuse is perfectionism."

It's a fight for me not to covet someone else's house, car, perfect body, cooking skills, extrovertedness, I could go on. I agree with your line-- being alone in a divine spotlight. Thanks for that image-- I will take it with me today!

I love helpful comparing, too. I'm so thankful I have central air conditioning instead of the window units we had on Reba Place; I'm thankful I have a small group instead of none (even though the people in it are really messed up and I'm at a loss!). I'm thankful to have blogs instead of no communication at all!

Mom said...

"Soliloquizing" Hm. Laurie and I had to look that one up. Great word! I think I can almost use it in a sentence after processing these last few days.

Loved your essay. I agree. The expectations of Jesus are the only ones that need be heeded.