Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to School and Other Training

Koji was ready for his first day back to school. It's always hard to get a report out of him later; in fact, when I ask him how school was, he usually says, "I don't know"...
but the first day obviously didn't use up all of his energy. He had plenty to spare for "getting bad guys" with Rich this evening. They were serious! I'm glad I'm not a bad guy.


Mom said...

Jamie! Koji looks so much older in the "out the door to school photo." Maybe its the portfolio. :-)

And such imaginations he and Rich have. :-)

Anonymous said...

are you still thinking that koji doesn't know what fighting is? :) i had to laugh when i saw this picture. he looks like he's going to "take someone out." sorry, i couldn't resist!