Friday, September 01, 2006

Thirty-Five Years Ago Today...

...Aogu was born!

Happy Birthday, baby.

What better place to celebrate than the Brookfield Zoo, and what better gift than the gift of membership? Ha! Not so much that zoo membership was actually a great gift for Aogu: more that the zoo will nickel, dime and ten-spot the hapless visitor into a money pit nearly as deep as the price of membership. If we go just once more in the next year, we'll break even, and if we go twice more, well, great savings!

Enough zoo advertising. The point is, Aogu is thirty-five and starting a new year. I hope it's the best yet, and I'm thankful that I'll be part of it!

Here we are back at home, celebrating with some cheesecake. The cheesecake was so-so, but the strawberry sauce I made to top it was feisty good. (Note to those who say I'm photogenic: now you see that's not always the case!)


Mom said...

Alas, when I was checking "aroominroppongi"just in case there might be a new post, THERE WAS! What a pay-off!

Such a wonderful report of Aogu and his birthday. The ZOO looks like a really special one (I checked the link) but the photos of the visitors (you all) were supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Thanks as always for the "treat." xox

Mick Gordon said...

Zoos can be fun if the animals are well cared for. My father worked at the Metro Toronto Zoo and I recall going there as a child and going into the back where the animals were fed, it was great fun.