Friday, August 15, 2008

Guess How Old I Am?

Happy birthday to me! It's a bit silly to ask you to guess how old I am when you can see the candles Koji is holding on top of my pancake...

Many thanks to my mom, who sent a very nice birthday package that included this fancy apron custom-made by my sister!

First order of the day, after birthday breakfast, was peach picking at the usual place.

Here's Koji and Izumi in the front with Miwa, her daughters Kona and Utane, and our other friend Miwa, her son Rin and daughter Myu. We all agreed--at least, the two Miwas and I--that the white peaches were the best!

Next stop was a visit to the home of a friend who lives near the u-pick orchard. She was gracious enough to let me have the kids decorate their own cupcakes, in honor of my birthday.

I might be 36, but I'm still a bit of a baby about my birthday. I really like to celebrate on THE DAY and with some kind of party and cakes (though I've reluctantly had to give up on getting lots of presents!). Here's the "team" of friends that were with me for 18 holes of mini golf.

These are all the friends that gathered to golf with us. Thanks for coming out, everyone, I had a great time!

Last but not least, it was back to our place for the "official" cake of the day, which I made for myself. Another thing I'm fussy about: I want to have a home made cake, and since Aogu's not quite up to that challenge, I have to accomodate myself. It was delicious if I do say so! Remembering all the fun I had turning 36 makes me think that maybe turning 37 won't be so bad...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


With some friends from Koji's school, we went to Kiddieland The only bummer thing about it was, the coupons we were excited to use had expired. Otherwise, it was a great day!

First stop, merry go round.

A large section of the place was devoted to rides for tiny kids; even Izumi, at just over two, could ride alone, which was exciting for me.

I wish I had taken a picture of this whole Ferris wheel, but even if I had, I guess it would be difficult to appreciate how small and cute it was. Again, the kids loved it. The other moms and I just stood watching and cracking up because the guy running the ride seemed to have no rhyme or reason to the way he let the kids on and off the ride. Koji and Izumi got quite an extended ride, while other kids went for a couple of revolutions and were ejected. I'm still laughing thinking about it now.

All of the tiny kid rides I mentioned seemed to be some sort of mini transport that kids could sit in while said vehicle spun around a central hub. Plane, train, name it and the kids got to "drive" in a circle on it!

After lunch, which consisted of food that we had to buy from Kiddieland concessions (note to self, next time get your hand stamped and go eat lunch in the car or even at Denny's across the street...their food is NOT good...), we moved to another section of the park which consisted of a giant play structure and a couple of self propelled rides. This was one; Koji and Izumi sat on the raft and Koji pulled them back and forth across the "pond" with the rope.

After a water ride and a sit on a "proper" Ferris wheel, I was done, so I projected that the kids were too and we called it a day. I'm glad we went and I would like to go again next summer!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Weddings

It feels like forever since we've been to a wedding, but suddenly, in the space of nine days, we went to two. They were both really fun--but it would have been hard for me not to think so, as we were out sans kids, which goes a long way in making any outing untouchable.
Dawn and Marcelo got married on August 2nd.

See how much fun we're having?!

Sitting with friends we haven't spent time with lately like Jen & Julie was great.

And we were thankful for one last moment with Ian & Ashley before they took off for Germany.

Vince & Kezi got married on August 11th.

We didn't know at the time that this was one of our last outings with Rich & Jen.

Now we're extra glad that Vince & Kezi gave us one more chance to make a memory with them; then again, anytime I get on a dance floor, it's memorable for its forgetableness.

Here we are with the happy couple. Blessings on all of our newly married friends!