Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Weddings

It feels like forever since we've been to a wedding, but suddenly, in the space of nine days, we went to two. They were both really fun--but it would have been hard for me not to think so, as we were out sans kids, which goes a long way in making any outing untouchable.
Dawn and Marcelo got married on August 2nd.

See how much fun we're having?!

Sitting with friends we haven't spent time with lately like Jen & Julie was great.

And we were thankful for one last moment with Ian & Ashley before they took off for Germany.

Vince & Kezi got married on August 11th.

We didn't know at the time that this was one of our last outings with Rich & Jen.

Now we're extra glad that Vince & Kezi gave us one more chance to make a memory with them; then again, anytime I get on a dance floor, it's memorable for its forgetableness.

Here we are with the happy couple. Blessings on all of our newly married friends!

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