Sunday, June 15, 2008

Piston Cup

Today was the last game for the white team (I always thought their shirts were kind of grey, but what do I know?), Koji's first soccer team. He's had two games most every weekend for the past six weeks or so, and during that time he's really improved. He runs fast, so that gives him an advantage, but running and kicking at the same time takes another level of coordination. Nevertheless, he loved it, and I hope to sign him up for the next round.

Though Koji enjoyed the entire season, this was the highlight: the moment he received his "Piston Cup". That's right, thanks to the influence of Cars, all trophies are piston cups. You may ask if his team was the league champion...I don't think so, it seemed like all the kids got a trophy. Hmm.

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Julie & Captain said...

Congratulations :)

That looks like a really cool trophy!