Thursday, August 25, 2005

At Shinagawa Prince Hotel

where there was a special event going on for the last few weeks, "Miffy World". I don't know whether to feel flattered or embarrassed, but my former English student (in Chicago), Sakai-san, remembered our (my?) fondness for Miffy and invited us. It was great to see her, if a little out of context. We had only been used to spending time together in the dining room of her Hoffman Estates townhome! First we met at Shinagawa station, then went to the Prince Hotel for lunch at a Chinese buffet. It was pretty good food, although the thing I remember most is that for some reason Koji loved the fish and only wanted to eat that...and ice cream! Should I sigh or laugh? Every day, I'm not quite sure!

P.S. "san" after a name is the English equivalent of "Mr.""Mrs." or "Ms.". It is a gender-less but required addition to the name of anyone you want to--or should--show respect. I'm sure you've got it already, but in the above example, "Sakai-san" means "Mrs. Sakai".

This is a nice display, but where's "Miffy World"?!
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