Tuesday, August 02, 2005


For those who will read and/or look at the post below and then exclaim, "Why are you telling us about DAY FIVE in Oz when we have yet to hear about day four?!" I have a message:
I am stupid.
That's why I am telling you about day five first.
So please, just be in suspense about day four until tomorrow.
We'll all survive.


Ricardo said...

I thought it was just a leap week!=) ja, ja, ja!! (That's "ha, ha, ha" in Spanish)

Julie said...

I really may not survive unless I hear about day four. I use this blog as one of my primary break-from-work diversions and things are pretty busy right now (SPEAK tests, Jamie-we have a new system that digitizes everything so that I can listen to ALL the students), so I need my diversions!! :-)

jamie christine said...

Ricardo, jajaja...thanks for giving me credit where no credit was due!

Julie, your comment motivated me to get my rear in gear on this post! I'm not there to help you with SPEAK but at least I can do my part in the diversion dept!