Sunday, August 07, 2005

That day, Michael was working the 4 p.m. to midnight shift, so when we got home from the picnic to give the kids naps, he was there. His project for the day was to get Zachy's room ready to paint. Whoa. In case I didn't know before that Aogu and I are NOT the remodeling types, my suspicions were confirmed when I saw Michael up on that ladder scraping away at the wall and ceiling. To my uneducated eye, he was doing a great job at whatever he was doing. But I never would have wanted to trade places with him! Especially considering that Rebecca and I tossed the kids into their beds and took off with Joel for a quick walk down to bustling downtown Boonah. We topped it off with a duck into the fancy cafe at the end of the street for a coffee, pictured below (aha! that reminds of what I wanted to say about Australian English, which is that many actions are done by "having," for example, "have a shower" "have a coffee" etc. no point really; something I observed and wanted to preserve, why not here?!). It was on that walk, as we were rushing to get back to the house to tag Michael so he could get off to work, that I realized our visit was too short. On paper we had stayed for a week, but we spent some of those days driving back and forth to the Gold Coast and/or not with Rebecca and fam. So were I to do it again, I would have put Aogu's visit on the beginning or end of our time, and then made said time a little longer. Travel and learn!

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