Monday, August 01, 2005

Day Three: Rendezvous with Aogu on the Gold Coast

On Friday morning July 15th, Aogu flew in to the Brisbane Airport and then rode a shuttle down to the Surfer's Paradise Courtyard in the Gold Coast. We had made plans to spend the weekend there as Rebecca and Michael didn't feel the location or condition of their house would provide what Aogu was looking for in a holiday.
After participating in Rebecca's daily breakfast ritual of porridge (oatmeal--and that's not technically true. Her true typical breakfast is Weet-Bix, but after milk is poured, they take about a nano-second to turn into a nasty sludge, and I can't stomach that. Thus, the porridge compromise), Koji and I got in the car for our trek to the Gold Coast. As promised, it took almost exactly two hours to get there, and fortunately there were "heaps" (that's Oz-speak for "lots") of signs so there wasn't much chance of getting lost. When we arrived, Aogu came right of Courtyard to greet us, and after settling our stuff in our room, we went out for a look around and lunch, which is pictured below.

"Papa, look at your sandwich! It's huge!"
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Julie said...

How does Koji keep getting cuter and cuter? That's such a darling photo, look at that face!!!

By the way Jamie, it's Airport Arrival Day for ISI here at NU and we all miss you! Say a prayer for our poor late-arriving students from Mumbai, who were delayed by the torrential rains that soaked the airport there!