Monday, August 15, 2005

Third Convening of "Ladies Night"

Perhaps I've mentioned before that once a month I'm "in charge" of "Ladies Night (LN)," which is a gathering of folks from Dream Church. Note I didn't say it's a gathering of ladies, because it's not. It started out that way, but then other people who weren't ladies wanted to join the fun. So being ladies, and being generous and inclusive, we allowed these other people to join LN. It might more properly be called something like "People's Night" now, but that sounds dumb. Here are a few photos from the most recent LN, which was held here in the room on July 29th (yes I am two weeks behind...!).

The point of the picture is the vapor rising from the toilet: it was nothing foul as you might imagine, rather, it was a convenient place for Koji and Ken to play with dry ice!
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Mom said...

I had to study the photo to recognize Ken! His hair style is so avant-guard!

The vapor is very interesting. Koji was obviously enthralled!