Friday, August 19, 2005

Sunshine City

On Tuesday, August 2nd we met Ken and Aya at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. We had lunch at El Torito, which was nice because we celebrated Ken's birthday, but not actually very good food...then we went on to the Sunshine International Aquarium. As I've mentioned before, Koji is a big aquarium fan and this visit was no exception. This time, he was particularly enamored of the penguins, and this one in particular. It was swimming wildly up and down next to the glass, and Koji was running up and down as wildly on the other side, shouting "PENGUIN! PENGUIN!". It was pretty funny, and I even got a video, so if you want to watch it let me know and I'll email it to you!
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Marti said...

On behalf of my peeps I apologize that El Torito has gone international and is trying to pass a quality Mexican food overseas when it doesn't do that here in the US. El Torito is bad everywhere :(

Stephanie said...

Is the movie "March of the Penguins" out in Japan? There's the French version and then the American version, which is very different but is getting lots of kudos for being more of a documentary.

Mom said...

Of course we wnat to see the video!! :-) Though my imagination is playing the scene already (probably fairly accurately!)

jamie christine said...

Marti, I accept your apology and agree with you...I solemnly promise that so far as it is up to me, I will never go there again!

Stephanie, that movie is out here and I've been wanting to take K to see it, I think he'll love it. Not sure which version's showing though?

Mom, the video's on its way!

erika jane said...

hey, jamie--we went and saw the film at ebisu garden cinema but just so you know, it's in the original french. some screens do show it dubbed in japanese instead of just subtitled.