Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nekkid in public...or as Koji loves to say, "suppopon!"
posted by jcm


Mom said...

Wow, how fun that "they" actually allow that. At Pardise Island "swimming" in the fountain is forbidden. Go KOJI. It won't be long before "suppopon" is forbidden! Love you, baby, Grandma.

jamie christine said...

in fact, I wouldn't have let him in there except Erika told me that official looking guys come by daily and test the water. they actually chlorinate it for safe summer wading?!

Mom said...

That's a great precaution on their part. Say, I never did ask if he is enjoying "water play" at preschool? Maybe that's where he learned about nekkid? Oh, he learned about that in the bathtub!