Thursday, August 25, 2005

This Has Nothing to Do with Miffy

Aogu and one of his friends from OCS days, Marky. They had a little "reunion" over dinner with a couple of other friends. But I can't tell any stories about it, as I wasn't there. The report is that they had a good time!
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Laurie Ann said...

For what it's worth I always start at the top and scroll down until I get to something I've already read...

hadashi said...

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH it's Marquis Randolph, otherwise known as "Maa-chan" from OCS days. Who were these "other friends?" Please please get your husband to tell you the stories about it, so you can tell me how the heck he's doing & pass on his e-mail so I can get back in touch with him! Onegai!
(i would've seen this earlier but i have to wait til I'm at Thomas' to look at your blog since it's so photo-heavy & i'm still on lame dialup at home...)