Monday, September 12, 2005

Eli Benjamin is 9 Days Old

Laurie and John are staying in the Ronald McDonald House next to Doernbecher so they can be as close to Eli as possible while he is healing. Here Laurs and Ollie are next to the RMH sign. According to Laurie's latest email,

Eli's doing good. Still has some fluid to get rid of in his belly and around his rib cage but he is making good progress. It's slower (the progress) than I thought it would be but I need to remember he is recovering from open heart surgery so we are just waiting and praying. The biggest prayer right now is that he will not develop any infections and that he will continue to pee out the extra fluid.

Please continue to pray for sweet Eli; I'll post another picture of him soon.

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Mom said...

Sept 13, Tuesday afternoon West Coast time. Just waiting for Ollie to wake up from his nap so we can make our almost daily journey to the hospital. We've set up a portable DVD player in the mini-van for O to watch Veggie tales or Hermie. He is liking the arrangement just fine. It's a lovely "pre-fall" day here. Looking forward to seeing the wee-one and his parents. Will give a report when we get home this evening.