Monday, September 12, 2005

Don't Claim to Know Much About Fashion...

but please, adult women, please. I know you love your clothes. You want to show them to us. Still, I'm confident as to just how much lovelier that Burberry skirt would be, how much more those expensive jeans would stun

if you didn't wear them together!


Mom said...

And so just where did you see this combination of fashion? My guess would be harajuku. And you didn't get a photo?

Stephanie said...

I like wearing skirts and jeans (or other pants) together. But it has to be just the right combination. And it did take some getting used to.

I was living in Europe when I first saw the style (in 1999) and thought it was ghastly. A couple of years later, I thought it wasn't so bad, and a couple of years after that, I started wearing skirts and pants together. An evolution, you might say.