Saturday, September 03, 2005

Aogu's birthday request: white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (rather than cake! he's crazy!). I was only able to come up with white chocolate; thankfully I was forgiven for not complying with the second part of the request*. Bonus 50 bucks from the Oregon parents, and a cute son in Thomas PJs...what more could a guy want for his birthday?

*as of today, I've procured some macadamia nuts at the "bargain" price of 480 yen (five bucks) for what looks like half a cup? The revised white chocolate AND mac nut cookies are baked for sharing with our guests tonight, so we'll see how they stack up against the white-chocolate only version!

posted by jcm


kumiko g. said...

the 'revised' version of the cookies were marvelous! thank you jamie!! thanks to all three of you for having us! tanoshikatta.

janelu8 said...

He looks good with "okane" in hand! :-)

jamie christine said...

thanks for coming, kumi & brian! watashitachi mo tanoshikatta...and now that I know you don't really have an oven, I feel motivated to make cookies for you again.

that's a great compliment for A, mom, but he wouldn't be able to look this good without your help!