Friday, September 02, 2005

15 August

Koji and I went out riding around on the Toyoko Line for a Thomas "stamp rally". There was a different stamp at each station on the line. We were given a map of the stations and stamps they featured at Shibuya, which is where we started. Then we rode and stamped (makes it sound easy, what I really mean is, we rode, got off, climbed down stairs with stroller, found the stamp, stamped, climbed back up the stairs, got back on the train, etc.) until we collected the requisite five stamps, at which point we were qualified to receive the Thomas badge Koji is displaying here. The stamp rally was surprisingly fun, in spite of, or perhaps because of the effort involved, so now Koji and I are in the middle of another one, but expounding it on is another entire post I'll have to put up later!
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Mom said...

What an incredible idea that someone came up with. . .a Thomas stamp rally! HOW FUN, INDEED! Wish I could have tagged along.

Julie said...

I like the idea of stamp rallies, which I assoicate only with Japan. I still have a nice one of Arashiyama with a cute monkey on it in my travel notebook from 1993. Much harder to justify collecting them when you are an adult, unfortunately. :-(

jamie christine said...

the stamp rally thing is really fun, and I'm a sucker! so fortunately I can drag Koji around with me and pretend we're doing it for his sake.