Saturday, September 03, 2005

30 August

This past week was a frantic one of using up "summer only" tickets. Ken & Aya had bought some for Toshimaen, so we scrambled there one day before the August 31st deadline. For the most part, we had a great time trying out every single "kiddie" disappointment marred the day though. Koji was attracted to a kids-only car ride for those 90-130 cm (35-50 inches) tall. He seemed to be exactly 90 cm according to the pole at the beginning of the line, so we queued up. Every time we asked if he was fine riding by himself, he said, "Koji, hitori, ikeru! (I can go alone!). Alas, all that psyching up was for naught when we got to the front of the line and he was declared just a hair too short by the young lady in charge of the ride. The boy who was so grown up a moment before, ready to ride alone, didn't seem so when wailing with disappointment...poor guy! We promised that he would be able to ride next year, but I'm pretty sure that was no consolation. So we went off to the merry-go-round instead.

Who knew that merry-go-rounds could be so relaxing? Supposedly this is the oldest one in the world?!
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