Saturday, November 02, 2013


It's that time of year again, the time when writers sit themselves down and try to crank out some material.  There's a fancy name for it and everything.  
I feel so far removed from the world where people write things--the only reason I know that world exists is from smashing my face up against the other side of the glass and looking in longingly--that I don't presume to label this effort as part of what they're all doing this month.  
Still, for my own sake, I need to name my effort something so I know it exists and so I'm motivated to keep it alive.  
And since I'm terribly clever with acronyms, I've decided to christen this here thingy PED, which of course means "Post Every Day".  See. I knew my wit would stun you.  
I almost embarked on this effort last month but I backed out because most everyone seemed to have their theme tied up in pretty packages with matching ribbon.  And if I'd had a package to bring, in addition to lacking a theme, it would have been wrapped in the Sunday comics (does such a thing even exist any more), tied with twine and too much tape yet somehow slipping out the side anyway.  
Which, now that I verbally process it here, would have and should have been fine.  If there's anything God has been showing me, and then teaching me again another way five minutes later when I forget, it's that the sort of appearance I think is most important is often the one least important for Him.  
So what do I plan to talk about for PED? Well, it would be more self promotional if I could give you an outline and a schedule, but I can't.  Self promotion is not my primary goal for now (but I reserve the right to change that stance).  

It's likely I'll be sifting through this whirlwind that has been life for the last seven months, since we moved to Tokyo from Skokie.  Yes, that sounds jarring.  Because it is.  Come back tomorrow and I'll start telling you why,  

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