Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blue Sky Day

This morning was choir practice.  I liked it because we sang together.  I didn't like it because our leader wasn't there and it was awkward.  I have the loudest voice, and I don't mind calling people to attention.  But what to say when I have attention if I don't actually know what we're doing? 
Went erranding after, right back to the wholesale market.  Bought the gigantic tin of tomatoes for only 550 yen and never mind about the BPA.  
Stopped in to a bakery for lunch.  Al fresco was in order but all the tables were full so I sat with two older ladies.  One of them told us she's 74, she's busy trying to clean up the second floor of her house so he daughter won't have to do it when she dies.  American me is becoming more used to--and even somewhat approving of--Japanese matter-of-fact ness about death.  In theory.  
Open school yard today at the kindergarten, spent the hour catching up with a couple of mom friends.  
Watched a movie with Aogu; seems like the older I get, the less suspense I can tolerate, even in an utterly predictable movie.  
Much to be thankful for today, just like every day.  God, forgive me for the many moments today when I forgot to receive Your gifts with open hands!  

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