Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two in a Row

Dear Misaki, 
You are four and a half and the second oldest girl in your nensho (1st year of preschool) class.  You love school and your friends--not as much as your sister and brother, but almost.  
Lately you and your friends make plans together for what to do after school.  You decide, let's go to the park, or, let's go play at so and so's house.  I don't know if you are that stubborn, that persuasive or that cute (all of the above) but we usually end up going with your plan, even if it's not quite what I had in mind.  
You're so smart!  You seem to figure out all kinds of things I don't remember Koji and Izumi knowing at your age (or maybe I just have a bad memory?!). You love to write in notebooks and your latest project is copying one of our children's' Bibles.  Writing is still pretty hard for you but you don't give up easily.  
You have a great sense of humor and you're super silly so you make us laugh every day.  
This is what I want you to know: Papa and I consider you, along with Koji and Izumi as our greatest treasure.  We feel the privilege of loving you and taking care of you even more when we think of your four brothers and sisters that are already with Jesus.  I make so many mistakes as your mama, and I am sorry for all of them, but I hope you understand--if not fully now, than at some point to come--that you are the Beloved of The Lord of the Universe.  
Love you, 

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