Thursday, November 07, 2013

Flying By the Seat of My Pants

I've started teaching some English classes.  At the moment, I have four per week.  Three are kids and one is adult women.  With apologies to the mothers of my students, I prefer the latter class.  
Perhaps I'm just that desperate for anything resembling adult conversation?  Mostly, it's an opportunity for me to talk on the fly, and I do!  This isn't bragging, just a fact: I can link anything with anything.  
In my 50 minute class this morning, we talked about the following:  the phases of the moon. The color of a rabbit that's neither brown nor orange but something in between.  The advantages and disadvantages of owning and using a car in Tokyo.  The current popularity of pancakes.  The reasons it might not be great to make a habit of exclaiming of my god or even oh my gosh.  
I'm kind of loving this job.  Let me add my familiar refrain, though: I quite miss my private students in the U.S.! Running these same kind of lessons but in a one on one format was really great.  
Maybe I should be praying for connection with private students.  For now, thankful for this class! 

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