Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Wherever Door

This summer, we went to the Tokyo Tower to meet up with some of our friends from St. Matthew's Lutheran Preschool.  We didn't make it to the top of the tower; the highest we got on this day was the deck on the fourth floor, where the work of Fujiko Fujio was on exhibit.  

Koji wasn't thrilled with the day; now that he's 10 and in fourth grade, it's just not cool for him to be out with his sisters and their friends.  Doraemon offered some redemption though; Koji quite likes him and all his gadgets.  He's a cat robot from the future, sent back to make things better for the grandfather of his owner? purchaser.  He has a pocket that looks like a kangaroo's, and at will and whim he pulls out any sort of tool that may help the situation.  

According to Wikipedia, there are over 4,500 different kinds of tools that have been featured in Doraemon comics. The most memorable to me, probably because it seems most useful, is the "Wherever Door".  It's the same principle as the doors in Monsters, Inc. but instead of leading to a kid's room, the door you set up takes you wherever you want to go.  

I'm more thankful by the day to be here.  But I still wish I had one of those doors.  

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