Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Guest Performance

Today I went to a Mommy & Me Toddler yoga class to be a guest English teacher. I was impressed that the facility prepared this huge, fancy schedule to show all the events planned for today on this floor!

It was funny to me that this large community space, mostly full of offices and formal meeting rooms, also contained this "Japanese Room".  We held our class here.  But for the lack of a restroom, people could actually live in there!  It's hard to see the lock well here, but it opens with a key that needs to be unscrewed for admittance to the room.  Interesting!  

This is the program I put together for the class.  Thank God, it was off the cuff but still somehow lasted exactly 30 minutes.  Phew!

Just when I thought today would be a great day to go back to low carb, my collaborator K-san invited me to lunch.  We had this sandwich set.  No, we didn't share one!  It was teeny enough, we each needed our own. 

The only sad thing about this coffee is they didn't offer free refills.  Otherwise, it was perfectly delicious! 
You may think I'm telling you all this to introduce you to a new way to eat lunch.  
Normally, that would've the case, but at the end of this meal, I failed to notice a huge hole cut out of the terrace to allow a big bush to grow.  
And so I miscalculated and fell right in.  

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