Monday, November 04, 2013

Persimmon Season

Human as I am, I love to imagine my future.  Then I love to get upset when my actual future fails to precisely match what I imagined.  
Ha!  Let me remember that the next time my kids are ruffled by changes in our plans.
Anyway, in my imaginary future life in Tokyo, one of my first acquisitions was an American sized oven.  Guess my imaginings utterly failed to adjust their scale down to Japanese standards: in other words, teeny.  
Another way to say the same thing: 65 square meter apartments (Japanese term  is mansion, how ironic) and American sized ovens aren't compatible.  
BUT God is so kind.  I was terribly sad and pathetic without an oven, so He gave me one--through a friend who had an extra.  Slow learner I am, though I received it I was still sad and pathetic and didn't/couldn't/wouldn't get around to learning how to use the oven.  
Until now!  It's two months later and it turns out, though I was telling myself otherwise, in fact the oven works. 
So in my fourth baking experiment in three days, I made persimmon bread.  
Dangerous stuff!  

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