Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Wanna Be

This past weekend Aogu discovered that there is now a Settlers of Catan app for iPhone. He ponied up $4.99 and had us playing a rousing game with Candamir and Mary Ann in no time. Big deal for us; that's about four bucks more than we've ever invested in any iPhone app!

So yesterday he taught Koji how to play and told him that the iPhone game was a real game (sad but true, Koji didn't know it was a real game as he hasn't seen us playing in forever). Naturally, Koji immediately wanted to try the "real" game.

And that is why/how I found myself being woken this morning to the tune of "Mama! Can I play that new iPhone but not on iPhone, the one with the real cards? Right now!" Of course when I said not now, Koji, you need to get ready for school, then it was "When?! when?!!". Needless to say, I hesitate to commit. Settlers can be so fun played with friends, and so tedious when played with those who aren't as familiar (not saying I'll never do that, just that things don't move along so speedily). This is a to be continued story...

Today I went to Lifetime Fitness for the first time in about a month. I wasn't feeling particularly motivated, so I walked/ran on a treadmill and did some situps and stretches.

Don't want to give up on trying to get back in shape or running though; especially because I've already run two 5K races this fall. Ha! "Run" is used loosely in both cases...I did finish both, though, and I did run much more than I walked. This is the only evidence I have that I ran the 5K at the Chicago Half Marathon in the middle of September. I was meant to run with a friend, but when I got to the area of the race, my phone wouldn't work at all. AT&T overloaded much?!

Not sure this post makes sense at all but I am deliriously tired. So GN!

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