Friday, November 06, 2009

Seven Months Old Already

Misaki Anaiah is seven months old today. She smiles wide when she sees us, especially Aogu when he gets home from work. She sucks her right thumb. She says "LA LA LA" in a loud, but sweet, voice when the mood strikes her. As of two or three days ago, she's good at sitting up unsupported. She also gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, but her best progress in any direction for now is all to the back. Yes, we frequently find her under the couch, under the coffee table, under the bed...She laughs belly laughs when her brother or sister dance in front of her. She eats rice cereal, oatmeal, butternut squash, green beans, peas, applesauce, rice and bananas, in addition to her old staple, breast milk. She likes the latter quite a bit though she's getting faster and faster at taking it in (five minutes?!). Her crib is in the room with Koji and Izumi. Maybe someday they will be able to sleep all together in there all night, but for now, the older kids go to bed first while Aogu rocks her to sleep in the other room (has to be Aogu, I'm too impatient). Once the older two are asleep, he puts her in her bed. She wakes up at least twice a night and sometimes more frequently, which is maddening. However, we all love her dearly and can't imagine our family without her. Thank you, God!


Elizabeth said...

Oh thank heaven for beautiful Misaki.
Hugs and kisses.

Aliyah's Hope Chest said...

She is lovely! Happy 7 months Misaki!

Jen said...

What a sweet girl - and she sounds like a ton of fun!