Monday, November 23, 2009

Hiromi's Birthday

Today is my long-distance friend Hiromi's birthday (pictured here on the right, her friend Megumi-san is on the left). I say long-distance friend because, as we reminded one another when we were together for a few hours last month, we've never actually lived in the same city. We became friends more than 10 years ago through Hiromi's husband, then boyfriend Josh, who was a JET when I was. Actually, we weren't just JETs: there are thousands throughout Japan and just being JETs wouldn't have allowed a guy working in Toyama and a girl working in Saitama to meet. We were both part of a JET group originally titled CSG (Christian Support Group). However uninteresting the title of our group may have been, the friendships we formed were anything but. To this day, though none of them live nearby, I remain connected to 10 or more friends that I met through CSG. Hiromi and I may never live near one another in this life (or miracles may happen?) but thankfully, we and the rest of this seemingly random group of friends that met in CSG in 1995~1998 can look forward to being together in Heaven!
Hiromi, otanjobi omedeto!!

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