Sunday, November 15, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I went to Barnes & Noble looking for my next book club book.

"Where can I find The Help?" I asked an older lady employee. Her guidance was enthusiastic; she informed me that she personally loved the book, it's a great book club book, etc. All this effusive praise left me a little skeptical.

This post is an apology to that lady. She will probably never see this but I want her to know: I'm sorry I doubted you. "The Help" was a splendid book. I couldn't put it down today. And now I'm really looking forward to Book Club in eight days; with this kind of material, we should be able to have an extra lively discussion!


Elizabeth said...

8 days!?
Isn't book club in like 2 weeks?! Scared me for a second.

Glad you liked it!

Raising Cains said...

did you see my post on this book? ("civil rights and civil wrongs") i loved it too. love the characters.

andrea said...
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andrea said...

Ahem ... an "older lady employee"?