Monday, November 02, 2009

Try to Pronounce This

If you know how to pronounce NaBloPoMo, please call and give me tutelage. Though I don't know how it's said, I do know that it means "National Blog Posting Month".

It hardly matters how it's said or even what it means as long as it turns out to just maybe perhaps possibly be the kick in the pants I need to break out of my longer-than-a-year-without-blogging-consistently funk. I hope. Thanks to Jen H. for the heads up!

So, because meta blogging is really boring, I better talk about something else. And rather than knock myself out by trying to recap the entire year plus that I've missed, how about if I just pick up with today? If I really am able to post every day this month, there will be plenty of time for hashing over what's gone before.

Today being Sunday, we went to church. Koji has been in the first grade "KIDS Church" class for about two months, and thank God, he is still loving it. Honestly, the main thing he seems to love is "Vineyard Bucks," but that's fine with me; week after week, he is excited about going to church. Until this September, that was not the case. PHEW~

We returned Revolutionary Road (which I really liked and Aogu thought was just OK) to Redbox, which is my new favorite way to rent a DVD. I then realized I had forgotten my bag at church, so went back to get it. Next I realized (lots of revelatory moments in the mid day today) that we didn't have time for lunch, so I grabbed some bagels. If you need a church home, I recommend ours! Not only is it a great community and powerful place to encounter God, on Sunday mornings, bagels and cream cheese are free!

Our next stop was Koji's first tennis class. He'll be taking the class at the local high school for the next several weeks on Sundays at noon. I'm excited for him to learn to play tennis! Aogu has tried to teach him a bit; this way, he can learn from his teacher so he and Aogu can have fun when they play together.

Misaki was SO wiggly today. She can't officially crawl yet, but she can scoot/roll and get around quite a bit. She also does a funny thing where she rolls onto her side and strikes a pose. I have to take a picture, the other two didn't do that.

OK, here's hoping that I can put up a more interesting post tomorrow. Obviously, I am very out of practice~! If there is anyone at all who is still reading this, please don't give up on me now!

PS. Izumi calls her pajamas "chajammies".

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