Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Last night was the first night of my beginner tennis class. It was GREAT. There are six other ladies (I would have said moms but I don't want to offend Jennifer, and there's one other woman whose mom-status is unknown) and we all seem at mostly the same level. Close to clueless. Our coach had us practice "volleying" and one of the ladies whispered to me "what is a volley?" and I was like "um, you know, when you have to hit it back from really close to the net, you know?". If you have to say "you know" that often means you don't....

So it was a pleasant surprise when we found ourselves actually hitting the ball back and forth several times in a row (is that called a rally? better work on my tennis terminology...). Chances aren't good that we'll have any weather that will tempt me to try and play outside for some between class practice. Nevertheless, I can't help hoping for that; the only access I'll have to any indoor courts will be Monday nights when I'm actually in class. Or who am I kidding?! Practice?!! Anyway, I'm glad I signed up!

Izumi doesn't go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have a Bible study with some Japanese ladies every other Tuesday and CBS on Thursdays. Needless to say, hitting a rhythm on Tuesdays has been difficult. In fact, today Bible study was ON but I decided to keep us here at home. Misaki wasn't terribly cooperative last night and I was feeling like a sore throat could be coming on. So in the spirit of germ paranoia that is so pervasive right now...I didn't know how being here without any kind of plan would go, but the girls must have needed the time. Misaki took two naps in her crib, and Izumi played with her Dora playdough set for more than an hour. I actually sat and worked on my CBS lesson with both girls quietly playing in the room.

It was kind of a miracle and such a pleasant moment that I hated ruining it, getting all stressed trying to get us out of the house so we could pick Koji up at 1:45. Ridiculously immature of me, but since I think that's much too early to be picking up a six and a half year old boy, I often sabotage my own efforts to get there on time. The trouble with that is, his teachers have started a new system: moms have to go to the classroom and sign the kids out before they can be excused. Now that being late means I incur the wrath of Koji, including shouted accusations like "You're making me lose time for playing!" (note: I am responsible for causing him to "lose time" for things he wants to do pretty much every day. now Izumi's started copying him and saying it too. it's really awesome.) I actually feel motivated to try to be on time. Yeah.

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Jen said...

I've picked up my tennis racquet too lately, and it's fun! I hope you have a great time.

As for kids, I so relate to what you said about Koji blaming you. I find that I get blamed for so much now that I'm a mom. . .