Saturday, October 29, 2005

Soon You'll Find Me At...

Time recently put out a Top 100 Books list, that is, all the best books since 1923. Huh? Why 1923? If I was bothered to read the commentary in the side bar about why they chose what they did, perhaps I would know.

In any case, I've read 12 of them. And none recently. I like the challenge of working my way through a list, which is why it pains to me to depart this country tomorrow without triumphantly completing the Metro stamp rally (that's right! I'm linking to my own post! *victory dance* thanks, erika!).

Back in AP English, our teacher gave us a five-page double-sided list of "books to read before you die"; that wasn't the exact title but the solemnity with which we were urged to read these books was correspondent to such a title. Well. For several years after, whenever I would come across the list, my waning interest in tackling the list would be re-kindled, and I would read frantically. That is, until I hit a "classic" or what should more accurately be termed a "snoozer". Then the list would go back to the "book" file and I would return to the Life of Willy-Nilly Reading.

I'm not sure that I should fling myself into Time's list, or dig out my tattered AP English list even. But I do feel sure that when jet lag subsides, you'll find me here.

And now, please excuse me. My last night in the Room will end like most others, with me tucking myself into bed with this, the Best Book of All. Sweet dreams to you and me!


Mom said...

You've doubled me. I've only read six and one is suspect. Can't remember if Lord of the Flies was just "made a big deal of" when I was in school or if I actually read it.

Time made the list. Wonder what was used for criteria? Cerainly agree about THE BEST BOOK!


Ricardo said...

Hope your adventure in Tokyo was an unforgettable one! Can't wait to see you!

Brad & Kath said...

We're praying your travels are safe and uneventful. Please do continue blogging! I love reading your stories! Did Steph tell you about the squirrel? You'll have to ask her about that. Quite blog-worthy.

hadashi said...

been catching up on blogs now that i've resurfaced from the whole getting-married proud of you linking back to your own post!

i'm sorry i never got to visit your RinR. i'm sorry i've never been yet to your RinSkokie. perhaps that will change... so many changes, yes! gambaremashoo and glad you've taken your time in thoughtfully saying goodbye-for-now to Tokyo.

Stephanie said...

I've only read 10. But I've read other books by some of the authors, books that are even more obscure (I mean who, really, has read three novels by Walker Percy in recent history, unless you, like me, were required by a prof. I really liked them though). So I think those other books by the same obscure authors should count.

By some strange fluke, though, I was never required to read "Catcher in the Rye" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" and they have long been on my list. I need to do that soon. It's embarrassing.

I was glad to see that the list was not the typical A.P. Canon that so many feminists, multiculturalists and just plain good readers argue is a dinosaur created by a club of WASPy good ol' boys. I've yet to find someone who's actually read all of "Ulysses" (I sure haven't) and yet it's usually ranked #1 or #2 on these lists.

Speaking of books, I need to get finishing our book club selection for this month. I can't wait to see you there again, Jamie! A fellow book Nazi :)

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