Saturday, October 22, 2005

Who Knew?

When I found the following information at Accidental Hedonist, I immediately interpreted it as an urgent challenge.

Only a few more weeks before I return to the land of the Hershey's Kit Kat, and the Nestle Kit Kat seems infinitely more interesting. Conclusion: must buy and try many kinds of Kit Kat, to the peril of my waistline.

First, I tried the Maple Syrup Kit Kat. Eeww. I really like maple syrup and most maple flavored items, but not this time. The outside was white-chocolate looking, but efforts to render this coating maple-ish just left it sweet. Duh. It's a Kit Kat, it should be sweet, but this was really too much. I wanted to drink black coffee with it, and normally black coffee and I don't keep company.

Not to be put off, I went out and snatched up Yogurt, Wine and Noir Kit Kats, as pictured at right. Yogurt is so-so; it almost has the same problem as Maple Syrup, ever so slightly tempered by the essence of yogurt. Still need black coffee.

Perhaps I should have pictured the Wine Kit-Kat naked; it's pink! Though I've heard of Strawberry Kit Kat, I've never seen one, so this was my first encounter with a pink Kit Kat. Now, I'm no sommelier, but I thought this attempt to marry Kit Kat and wine was respectable. There was actually a wine taste to it, which was thankfully not overpowered by the sweet that screamed through Maple Syrup and Yogurt. And as with Noir, perhaps the best thing about this Kit Kat is the size: tiny! Yogurt is two fingers, though shorter fingers than a standard Kit Kat. Wine and Noir, if to be compared to fingers, would maybe only match up to my pinky?

So it's OK to eat two.

Or three, in the case of Noir: I saved the best for last. Turns out "noir" is French for black. Accordingly, the chocolate was squarely in the dark and bitter camp, and each tiny Noir is even covered with a fancy sprinkling of dark cocoa powder. Bring on my usual latte, and wish me luck as I enter the last week of the Kit Kat Hunt!

P.S. Reluctlantly, I confess that I also tried a "Giant Kit Kat". Something like that. It was like one finger of a standard Kit Kat that had passed through some kind of Willy Wonka contraption to become a behemoth candy bar! Balance between crispy inside and chocolate-y outside is important, and this one was way off. Great for milk chocolate fans who like a little crunch, I suppose. In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that I did eat the whole thing, because I was hungry, except for that bite that I had to give Koji when he figured out I was eating chocolate.


Kari said...

Did you see?!?! You got linked and majorly mentioned by the Accidental Hedonist! Cool!

Anonymous said...
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Brad & Kath said...

How annoying, anonymous blogger!

Congrats, Jamie, on the mention, and great experiment!


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