Saturday, October 29, 2005

24 Hours to Room Departure

We've been inspected and found lacking three glasses and one bowl. I broke them all, but none deliberately. The company will cover for my clumsiness, and thankfully so, because though this was not the china pattern I would have chosen, it was certainly just as expensive.

So the packing is done! You're suspicious, so I'll admit that it's not a completely finished job. There's some LC (little crap, you know, that stuff that you don't want to throw away but doesn't quite make it into the suitcase either...about half of it will probably be in the trash by tomorrow morning) around, but other than that, our pajamas, our clothes for tomorrow and Koji's bed, everything is in a box or bag or suitcase. Much of it is already on the way to the airport, bless you, efficient Japanese delivery company.

Though we haven't left the room yet, our aura has already gone out ahead of us with the pictures and toys that I packed away, so I feel a bit out of body, like I'm still here but I should already be there. And I'm not making sense, but that's to be expected at times like this.

Some have expressed a desire to continue reading of the adventures of these Room Occupants, though they return to their House. Glad to oblige! I may have to alter my title accordingly...or not? In any case, thank you for praying, loving and encouraging us during these eight months in the Room.

It must have been fun, because the time flew! 行ってきます~


kumiko g. said...

otsukaresama! i am impressed with your efficiency! we are packing stuff now too; it's amazing how quickly stuff accumulates. have a wonderful trip! see you soon, i hope.

Shanel said...

[all terms of glee that you are coming home.]

time went fast on my end, but it was FULL! can't wait to see you, Jamie.
travelling mercies to you and your family. may there be good movies on the plane.


Mom said...

Jamie, though you may not see my comment until you arrive in "house," somehow this post brought tears to my ears. Ok, they've spilled over. (Drat! today is a make-up day, too.) Somehow closing chapters of our lives does that to me. I'm SO glad you found a way to communicate with the whole world via blogging bc it has been WONDERFUL for me, your mum.

I think you must just be getting up to head to the airport just now. Can't wait to hear from you stateside.