Saturday, November 05, 2005

Excuses, Excuses

You thought I dropped off the blog, and I almost did!

It's been almost a week since we arrived back in the US, and since then I have been utterly occupied with the following, though not necessarily in the order listed:




Pita Inn

Baja Fresh


Fogo de Chao

Joy Yee's

That's right, folks. All we've done for this past week is eat and shop. Wait, I guess we did also clean and rearrange the house from top to bottom (a work in progress). And we might have prepared, served and eaten a Thanksgiving dinner for nine adults and two kids in honor of Ken and Aya's GREAT visit.

No wonder I didn't post for a week! In addition to all of the above, we even went for a walk in the park.

More soon, but for now, a good evening from one still jet-lagged traveler...


Mom said...

Wow, loved the link to the park. Enjoyed the virtual tour! very imopressive. Esp the fountain that changes faces. xo

erika jane said...

good luck with the jet-lag. east to west always seems harder than the other way.

Jodie said...

Welcome back!! I'll miss your posts about life in Japan but at least now we'll have a slightly greater chance of crossing paths! :o)

Kim Duckworth said...

I've been so bad and have not viewed the comments on my blog...just read your comments...

Lucas too cried when we washed his Superman logo off his face and he wanted us to put it back on the following morning...funny how kids are the same in many ways!

Glad to see you are back in Chicago safely...any plans to move out West?