Sunday, November 13, 2005

Two Months and Ten Days Later

Look at Eli! Isn't he cute! I don't care if I'm his auntie, I know you think so too...not only is he smiling now, he even rolled over the other day. In addition to being a tough heart surgery survivor, he's a child prodigy, right? Just because one, two, or even fourteen (Koji's favorite number) times isn't enough, let me thank you again for praying for him. See what your prayers did!

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Craig Lucas said...

Jamie, Isn't that a great picture of Eli! I put it on the computer!! Ollie has been bumped. So far he hasn't said anything so it must not bug him to much? Sorry Koji, maybe you can be next or maybe your Mom can show me how to put all three boys up!! Love Grandpa