Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dandelion Club

About 20 minutes from here, down on the north side of Chicago, is a building that houses the JASC (Japanese American Service Committee). Though I'm not familiar with most of their activities, I'm thrilled with the one that Koji and I discovered Monday: the Dandelion Club.
This name is my approximate translation for "Tampopokai," the play group that meets at the JASC building Monday mornings. My first impression was very positive; the teacher was super energetic, the songs were all in Japanese, the snacks were well organized (and there was coffee for moms!), and the craft was well thought out to be interesting for kids and parents.
I was a little surprised at how much the teacher spoke in English; it was hard to tell which other families were or weren't fluent in Japanese (and therefore needed English instruction). But, I still think it's a great class. Hopefully Koji thought so too as I'm planning to put "Dandelion Club" on the calendar for many Mondays to come!

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