Saturday, January 14, 2006

Table Looks Like a Crabwalk?

Yesterday's inaugural gymnastics class was a rousing success, according to Aogu, Koji and the great pictures Aogu kindly took (I'll have to insert them later). With some trepidation, Koji walked on a balance beam. More enthusiastically, he "made pizza" (practiced doing the splits) and "made a table" (practiced a crab position). The only hitch was, they had to leave the gym area without playing basketball, which was heart-breaking, both for Koji and his little friend Ashleigh. Maybe I should go ahead and invest in one of those toddler basketball hoops? Or maybe that would only cause him to lose interest, knowing he can "play ball" anytime?

In any case, I'm glad I signed him up for the class!

One other piece of Koji news: after more than a week of head-scratching, Aogu and I finally solved a linguistical Koji mystery today. He's been exclaiming something that sounds like "pellet!" for more than a week, particularly when he jumps. I might add that he usually jumps on beds or sofas (as a clue for those who want to solve the mystery for themselves).

After a whole day of listening to him shout "pellet!," I couldn't stand not knowing what he meant, so when Aogu got home from work, we tag teamed him. We just asked him over and over, "what does "pellet" mean?" (we learned the persistent tactic from him). Finally, when I was just about to give up, he ran to a chair, held up an object triumphantly and shouted, "Pellet!".

It was a pillow.

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