Friday, January 20, 2006

Another Camera

Hopefully this won't sound like bragging because it's not meant to be: we have a lot of cameras. We have a video camera, two digital cameras, at least one "regular" camera," three cell phones with camera function...

Yes, we like to take pictures. We're not as good with managing them after that, but our organizational troubles deserve another post. Fortunately, the latest camera that's been added to our collection won't require any organization, which is perhaps one of its best features.

It's a webcam.

So now we can converse with Aogu's family in Japan and look at one another while we're chatting. Calling without video isn't a bad thing, but especially for Koji, this camera option is great. Wait, let me be completely's great in theory, but really funny to see that somehow, getting in front of the camera gives Koji some kind of stage fright!

He's usually very chatty and animated but when we put him next to the computer to catch up with his uncle and aunt in Japan, he froze up and wouldn't say much of anything. After awhile, he started to feel more comfortable. Many of his favorite toys were hastily hauled in for "show and tell". But things still didn't work out ideally; he kept putting the toys at their eye level as it appeared to him and therefore not in front of the camera...

He'll figure it out someday. Meanwhile, if you have a webcam and Skype 2.0, let's talk!

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