Friday, January 27, 2006

Bedbugs Be Gone

Clarification: as far as I know, we never had bedbugs. There were in that unexpectedly nasty hotel bed at the fancy Keio Plaza Hotel a few years ago, but I made sure to leave them there.

Now that we have these new beds, they won't come anywhere near! That is, Koji has a new bed, which is really the underbed or trundle part of the Robin bed. Our initial plan was to get the whole bed, but when we went to look at it, we realized it was pretty high for him. So we decided to buy this portion for now and leave the wheels off. It's been a great solution to the bed dilemma. He has fallen once but he was already so close to the ground, he didn't even wake up!
When we first brought the bed home for him, I had to scrabble to find a twin size sheet. All I could come up with was a flower print sheet with a ruffle on the top. I thought it would do, and I put it on without comment. About a week later, Koji was sitting on his bed and suddenly shouted, "why does this bed have flowers on it?!". The same day, I ran to Target and found the more appropriately boyish bedding you see here.
On the right is our bed, remixed. The bed itself isn't new, but the duvet and cover are. Since we've been married, we've always had a hodge podge of ill-fitting blankets covered with a beautiful quilt. No one knew about the inadequacies lurking under the quilt, but I certainly did--especially those nights I had to get up just to adjust the @#$%*&%# blankets. While we were in Tokyo, our bed had a duvet with a cover that was changed twice a week (um, no, the one you see pictured will probably never be quite that fresh) and it was so comfortable! No midnight adjustments were necessary. So as a Christmas present to ourselves, we decided to switch. And we will never look back! Furthermore, this duvet cover was so reasonably priced at Ikea that I'm considering purchasing another for rotation purposes.

Side note: "ETM" was made by my wonderful and creative Grandma, who knows that our motto is "Enjoy The Moment". Thanks Grandma!

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