Friday, May 26, 2006

Yes, I've Been Sucked In...

So it's been less than a day since Taylor was declared the next American Idol, and I freely admit two things: although we didn't vote for Taylor (Aogu persevered through the busy signals to put in three votes for Katharine) we had a feeling he was going to win. We, or here I should probably say "I," was nevertheless thoroughly sucked in to the final show. I was even overcome by a sort of high school graduation like feeling, as though I was having a special moment with friends that would never quite be repeated. Yikes, I hate to think I'm being so worked over by a TV show...and American Idol, at that, but it's true, folks.

Second, count me in the some hundred thousand plus (I wanted to document this, I thought I read the number 160,000 something somewhere, but can I find it now? Of course not.) people who have already downloaded the American Idol: Season 5 Encores album. It's not the most wonderful collection of music I've ever purchased, but it's entertaining enough, and brings on the fake nostalgia I mentioned above, for better or worse.

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