Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Weight Update

Izumi is the only one in our family with a weight problem. Er, an underweight problem, that is. The rest of us might describe our weight problem(s) in other terms...but I digress from the point, which is that, as I mentioned the other day, Izumi was meant to gain five ounces between last Thursday and today.

When we took her in and put her on the scale, she weighed in at a disappointing 6 pounds, 12 ounces which was a mere two ounce gain. Fortunately, it's not considered cheating for her to eat lunch and then weigh in again (in the same way as it's not cheating to run to the restroom one last time before weigh-in at Weight Watchers, but again I digress). So that's what we did, and she gained a magnificent two ounces, right on the spot! Therefore, she was still one ounce shy of goal, but close enough for the doctor to not be worried. She does have to weigh in again on Friday, though. We'll keep you posted.

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