Thursday, May 11, 2006

What?! I Even Voted, For Once!

Aogu and I were shocked and stunned tonight that Chris Daughtry was voted off American Idol! We had already decided that Chris would BE the next "idol," and furthermore, I even spent about an hour Tuesday night pushing redial on my phone, eventually casting my first ever Idol vote for Chris. The rest of you voters are just wrong.
Meanwhile, I probably need to get thinking about my strange fascination with AI; let me put that on my to-do list for May 24th (conveniently, the day after the finale). Until then, let me just invite you into the world of how I really feel about all this via the words of Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune columnist.
Chris, when can we expect to see your album on iTunes?


Shanel said...

i can't believe you watch american idol...well, then again, maybe. you do watch battleship galactica. you will never cease to surprise me, jamie.

Brad & Kath said...

Brad and I were shocked as well! I swear I heard a collective gasp across the country at that moment. I still can't believe it!

And I have no explanation for my fascination with American Idol. No excuse at all. My sensitive heart can't take anything with a plot or suspense without nightmares later, so it's HGTV, America's Funniest Animals, and American Idol for me.

Who do you think will win now?

Brad & Kath said...

My turn too...Jamie, as Kath mentioned, we couldn't believe that Chris lost. But as Kath and I were reeling from this horrid decision made by mainstream America (on the side I typically DON'T find myself most of the time, ie: Movie ratings, music ratings, etc.), Kath said that Chris was in an edgy Christian band back in his home town, and maybe this is a way that God is protecting him from the clutches of Hollywood fame. It was just a thought that came to mind, and in this context, I am glad for him that it happened this way. Oh, and by the way, I would not think ill of you if you DID watch Battle STAR Galactica. Come on, Shanel, get it right :) .

Laurie Ann said...

I haven't seen even 1 episode of AI this season but I just have to mention what I learned at BSF this week. Our teaching leader said, "There is danger in being put in a spot of prosperity or being sought by the world. There is no advatage in gaining the world if the price you pay is your soul." So, it sounds like Brad might be right on.